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I was born in a cold German town by the water. I grew up in a VW bus traveling through Europe, because my parents were hippies, before

they became civil servants. My dad played guitar all day, because he is a very talented street musician. My hippie family is pretty big and I have 27 cousins. While traveling through all these countries, I figured I could as well learn the languages, so that I could communicate. Therefore, I speak German, English, Finnish, Danish and French.


I've starred in movies and TV shows in Germany, Finland, the USA, Norway, and Switzerland. You might know me, because I came up to you on the street to ask for directions, because I have absolutely no sense of direction. Maybe you also saw me in movies and TV series like 'Area 5150', 'Presidentti', 'MEK 8' or 'Legion of Terror HR'. If you're from Finland, you might have caught a glimpse of my show 'Metronomi'. If you're a film nerd, you might have seen me at film festivals in the

award winning (and nerdy) US short films The Ex, 'Our Song' or 'Tigerlilly.'


I love cats and heavy metal (power metal)! I even do funny interviews with metal and rock bands for the webTV channel 'Music Interview Corner'. As the hippie kid that I am, I love to start my days with meditation and yoga. I'm a Sagittarius and I believe in astrology, at least sometimes ;) My favorite color is pink (as you might have guessed by looking at this page) and my favorite drink is green tea. I love being out in nature, hiking, writing, photography, and cooking with my friends while blasting power metal.

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