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Height: 5"85   |   Eye Color: Green-blue   |   Hair Color: Medium Brown

Languages: German (native), Finnish (native level), English (excellent),

Danish (fluent), French (proficient)

 FILM (partial list)

Our Song  |  Lead  |  Prod./Writer Kati Rausch |  rich daddy prod. (USA)

The Ex  |  Lead  |  Dir. Neil D'Monte  |  Odin's Song Productions (USA)

La femme et le serpent  |  Lead  |  Dir. Roman Polanski  |  Panaroma (Germany)

O.P.A. hat ein Nasenfahrrad (The Grandpa) |  Lead  |  Dir. Roman Polanski  | Panaroma (Germany)

Likainen kyttä (Dirty Cop)  |  Supporting  |  Dir. Eppu Kupila (Finland)

Løvekvinnen (Lion Woman)  |  U5  |  Dir. Vibeke Idsøe  (Norway)

Lauttasaari |  Lead  |  Dir. Jani-Petteri Olkkonen  |  rich daddy prod (Finland)

Koiran Elämä (Dogs Days) |  Lead  |  Dir. Jani-Petteri Olkkonen |  rich daddy prod. (Finland)

Anna & Aamu  |  Lead  |  Dir. Jani-Petteri Olkkonen |  rich daddy prod. (Finland)

The Groupie  |  Lead  |  Dir. Andreas Eickhoff  |  Macromedia Cologne (Germany)

Green Tea  |  Lead  |  Dir. Thomas Adolph  |  Macromedia Cologne (Germany)

Happy Hour  |  Lead  |  Dir. Sebastian Pfaff (Germany)

Sommerfuglne (Butterflies)  |  Lead  |  Dir. Sara Bjerg (Germany)

Die letzte für heute (The last take)  |  Lead  |  Dir. Konstantin Korenchuk  |  Sternenberg Films (Germany)

TELEVISION (partial list)

My German Kitchen (pilot)  |  Lead  |  Dir. Minttu Loimu  |  MoonTV (Finland)

No Budget (pilot)  |  Lead  |  Dir. Daniel Bomke  |  Scenetake  |  NRWtv (Germany) 

MEK 8  |  Guest Star  |  Dir. Nico Zavelberg  |  Action Concept  |  RTL2 (Germany)

Siskot (Sisters)  |  Lead  |  Dir. various  |  rich daddy prod (Finland)

Presidentti  |  Guest Star  | Dir. Lauri Nurske  |  Zodiak Films  |  YLE (Finland)​

Metronomi  |  Host  | Dir. Mathias Lindy  |  AlfaTV (Finland)

Stand up Comedy Show   |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Dir. Lorenz Hauser  |  hauskrieg  |  3+ (Switzerland)

Roman Schatz' HUPS!-Klubi |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Dir. Minttu Loimu  |  MoonTV (Finland)

Casanova  |  Supporting  |  Dir. Zoltan Spirandelli  |  Geisberg Studios (Germany)

NEW MEDIA (partial list)

Legion of Terror HR  |  Lead  |  Dir. Rob Mabry  |  Bright Eye Pictures (USA)

Good to know  |  Lead  |  Dir. Sebastian Pfaff  |  rich daddy prod (Switzerland)

Kati's Finland Blog  |  Lead  |  Dir. various  |  rich daddy prod (Finland)

Naurunkaivajat  |  Recurring  | Dir. Harri Soinila  |  Naurunkaivajat (Finland)

HOSTING (partial list)

Metronomi  |  Host  | Dir. Mathias Lindy  |  AlfaTV (Finland)

Music Interview Corner  |  Host  |  Internet (Finland)

Finnish Grammys (Emma Gaala) |  Red Carpet Host |  Internet (Finland)

Rock My Kitchen (pilot)  |  Host  |  Internet (Finland)

Kieler Woche  |  Host  |  Music festival (Germany)

Umsonst & Draussen  |  Host  |  Music festival (Germany)

ISSF International Short Film Festival Detmold  |  Host  |  Film festival (Germany)

VIP Lounge  |  MC  |  Stand-Up Show (Germany)

THEATER (partial list)

Guy’s Fr*ckin‘ Sketch Show (by Guy Stevenson)  |  Various Roles |  The Actors Company, Hollywood (CA)

Grosse Freiheit No. 7  |  Lead (Gisa)  |  Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Mord auf Hoher See  |  Lead (Nina)  |  Landesbühne Niedersachsen (Germany)

Snow White & the 14 skaters  |  Lead (Snow)  |  Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Cash on Delivery  |  Supporting (Vicky)  |  Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Rauschzustand  |  Self/Stand-Up Comic  |  Stand-up solo program/Nation-wide tour (Germany)

Improv Theatre Group  |  Member for 5 years  |  Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

VOICE-OVER (partial list)

Kätilö (The Midwife)  |  Voice/Supporting/(Finland)

Dänen unter sich (The Danish)  |  Lead (Danish)  |  Macromedia Cologne/Germany

Lauttasaari  |  Lead (Finnish)  |  rich daddy prod./Finland

Johanne | National Radio Commercial (German) Dir. Jeff Burke/Das Studio

Magic Park Verden  | National Radio Commercial (German) I Dir. Jeff Burke/Das Studio

Bremer | National Radio Commercial (German) Dir. Jeff Burke/Das Studio

STAND-UP COMEDY (partial list)

Rauschzustand  |  Self/Stand-Up Comic  |  Stand-up solo program/Nation-wide tour (Germany)

The Comedy Store - Comedy Madness  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  The Comedy Store (Los Angeles, CA)

Miska and some Eccentrics  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Skiptown Playhouse (Hollywood,CA)

Speakeasy Bar  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Chris Gehrt, Speakeasy Cocktail (Santa Monica, CA)

Quatsch Comedy Club  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Brainpool (Berlin, Germany)

Hollywood's Comedy Nights  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  John Rotnem, Flannagan's (Cologne, Germany)

F.C.I.K Comedy Club  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Goldener Engel (Bonn, Germany)

ComedyHaus - Wilde Weiber Self/Stand-up Comic  |  ComedyHaus (Zürich, Switzerland)

Comedy On The Rocks  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Ali Jahangiri, On The Rocks (Helsinki, Finland)

Sami Hedberg's Backstage Club  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Hedberg Entertainment Oy (Helsinki, Finland)

Anitta Ahonen's Huurupiilo Stand-up  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Anitta Ahonen, Huurupiilo (Tampere, Finland)

Comedy O'Connell's  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  O'Connell's (Tampere, Finland)

Turku Comedy Contest  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Jussi Tanhuanpää (Turku, Finland)

MS. Bore Stand-up klubi  |  Self/Stand-up Comic  |  Jussi Tanhuanpää (Turku, Finland)



Improv  |  James Gangle/Doug Morency  |  Second City Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Sitcom Acting Technique  | Tony Rago  |  Scott Sedita Acting Studios, Los Angeles, CA

One-Day-Comedy Intensive  |  Scott Sedita/Tony Rago  |  Scott Sedita Acting Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Comedy Audition Training  |  Jeff Greenberg  |  Kyle's Acting Files, Los Angeles

Conquering Cold Reading |  Ani Avetyan  |  Los Angeles Actors Connection

Comedy Cast Intensive  |  Dorian Frankel/Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher  |  Actors Comedy Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Sketch Comedy  | Guy Stevenson  |  The Actors Company, Los Angeles


Studies in Dramatic Arts at Film Acting School Cologne (Germany)

    Method Acting, Scene Study, On-Camera, Improv, Voice & Speech, Dialects, Modern Dance, Physical Acting, Stage Combat

Method Acting  |  Nick Dong-Sik  |  Film Acting School Cologne (Germany)

Cold Reading  |  Inez Björg David  |  Film Acting School Cologne (Germany)

Meisner Technique  |  Peter Mustafa  |  STA School of Techniques of Acting (Germany)

Stand-up Comedy  |  Thorsten Sievert  |  Comedy Academy, Cologne (Germany)

TV Hosting  |  Ulrike von der Groeben  |  RTL Cologne (Germany)

TV Journalism  |  Andreas Elter  |  RTL Cologne (Germany)

Greenscreen Stunt Coaching  |  Hasan Altay  |  Macromedia Cologne (Germany)

Stage Combat  |  Robert Schnöll  |  Landesbühne Niedersachsen, Hamburg (Germany)​

Voice and Speech/ Stage  |  Rudoph Plent  |  Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg, (Germany)


German (native), Finnish (native level), English (excellent), Danish (fluent), French (proficient).

Standard American Accent (work in progress).

Award-winning Stand-up Comedian, Music TV Host, Voice-over. Can cry on cue. 

Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Karate, Interpreter & Translator, Cat Therapist, College Degree in Theology.


Best Comedy Short 2020: at 'Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival' for Our Song

Best Comedy Short 2020: at 'Austria International Film Festival' for Our Song

Health Media Award 2011: Award as Comedian of the year for stand-up solo program Rauschzustand

2880 Festival du Film 2010: Nomination as best actress of the festival for O.P.A. hat ein Nasenfahrrad


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