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I'm an experienced screenwriter with a passion for comedy and for music videos!

I have been working as a screenwriter since 2009. I write in English, Finnish and German, and I'm a published book author in Germany. I wrote the viral web series 'Good to know', that reached over two million views on YouTube. I have studied screenwriting in Germany and in the USA.

I've been working as a music journalist and music TV host for over 10 years. Due to that, I have a broad knowledge of rock and heavy metal. I just co-authored the music video concept for 'Out For The Glory' by the legendary metal band Helloween.

I wrote and produced two music-related short films in Los Angeles. 'Our Song' is an experimental comedy drama, in which the characters only speak in song lyrics. The film also plays with music video aesthetics and visual quotes from music videos. 'Our Song' was screened at 52 international film festivals and won 18 awards so far.
This is a review of 'Our Song':

My other music-related short film, 'Tigerlilly' , just had its festival premiere. The film's logline is: A young woman enters the lobby of a five-star-hotel in Los Angeles, and tries to check in with her imaginary cat, Tigerlilly. This drives the receptionist crazy, especially since the imaginary cat is a big heavy metal fan.

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