Kati Rausch

      German. Finnish. Crazy.




My name is Kati with an i. I'm an actress and stand-up comedian, and I love what I do! I'm a German girl from Finland, now based in Los Angeles. I've starred in movies, TV shows, and comedy shows in Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and the US.


I had my own prime time show on Finnish TV, and I've created some webisodes, one of which reached over a million views on YouTube.


Additionally, I have experience as a music TV host, and a college degree in Theology. I speak 5 languages, and I'm currently working on the perfection of my Standard American Accent.

The wacky foreign girl

I'm an alien. I'm from another country, a different continent, maybe even a different galaxy.

I'm the weird exchange student, who
stares at you while you sleep.

I'm your nerdy roommate, who asks everyone,

if they want to have sex with her.

I'm the seemingly sweet and innocent foreigner,

who is secretly a crazy spy.



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